Cafe Racer Recycled Tyre Wash Bag

Inspired by 60's Motorcycle Rebels

The wild spirit of the 1960's is being celebrated with this durable men's toiletry bag. Crafted from carefully selected recycled tyre tubes he'll love the durability and tough feel along with the perfect size for carrying his essentials.

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This wash bag is as tough as he is, and just as stylish. Inspired by the motorcycle racing rebels of the sixties, this Café Racer Wash Bag is made from recycled tubes that not only look great but make this bag durable and perfect for carrying his toiletries and shave gear on the go.

Measuring 25 x 13 x 10cm this wash bag is the perfect size to carry when he’s travelling, but also great to keep him organised at home too. Each bag is crafted from recycled tyre tubes that have been washed, cleaned and prepared and transformed. The café racers of the sixties would strip back motorcycles to get them as bare minimum as possible so they’d weigh as little as possible and go as fast as possible. Featuring a retro motorcycle image, this is sure to be one of his favourite gifts ever from Men’s Gift Store.

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