123 Body Kit by Baxter of California

Pamper your whole body with this 3-piece kit!

Your skin works hard all day, every day, whether you realise it or not. So isn’t it time for some serious pampering? This kit has everything you need to give your skin exactly what it needs.

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Showering is about to go from a daily drain to a soothing and invigorating experience thanks to Baxter of California and their men’s skincare range. He’ll wake up with the invigorating 123 Body Kit by Baxter of California, that makes looking after his skin simple and nourishing. Included in this kit is Italian Lime & Pomegranate Essence Body Wash, Exfoliating Body Bar, and Hand & Body Lotion.

The items in the 123 Body Kit by Baxter of California will last much longer than a day at the spa and feel just as good. So instead of giving your loved one a day of relaxation and skincare, give them several! Gift this kit for Father’s Day or a loved one’s birthday.

Why it’s important to pamper Dad this Father’s Day!

Dad’s do so much for us, and one way to show him your appreciation is to spoil him with a day full of pampering. This can be simply and thoughtfully done through his Father’s Day gifts – with both practical gifts, and through your actions. Grooming gifts are a perfect way to work your pampering day ideas into his Father’s Day gifts. It doesn’t matter which type of Dad you have; whether he pays particular attention to his grooming needs, tends to neglect it, or is somewhere in between, feeling pampered with grooming gifts is a great way to start the day for anyone – and what better way than starting with his Father’s Day gifts!

One of the best pampering Father’s Day gifts of all, breakfast in bed!

For most of us, grooming starts in the morning. Before giving him his Father’s Day grooming gifts, why not start his Father’s Day gifts off with the oldest trick in the pampering book, a delicious breakfast in bed. Feeling like you have gone to the effort to provide him with his favourite breakfast meal without him having to lift a finger will certainly be a Father’s Day gift in itself! Whether he is a fruit and cereal kind of Dad, a bacon and eggs kind of guy, or just loves some toast with vegemite, try to choose a breakfast he may not normally spoil himself with, and would love to wake up to before being pampered with his grooming gifts. After he’s devoured his delicious Father’s Day breakfast in bed, bring out the grooming gifts ready for his post-breakfast bathroom time.

Grooming gifts that make Dad feel special on Father’s Day and beyond can vary from the simultaneously calming and energising 123 Body Kit by Baxter of California – where he can scrub, wash and moisturise – to many other grooming gifts like sculpting tools, or a delicious fragrance. These can make Dad feel special every day, and will make him reminiscent of the Father’s day you spend pampering him, starting with a surprise breakfast, and his grooming gifts.

So many more Father’s Day gifts and ideas for Dad

Of course, this is just one idea to get your day going – it doesn’t have to end in the morning! Continue pampering Dad on Father’s day after giving him his grooming gifts. What you do for the rest of the day will depend on what your Dad loves to do. He might be an adventure man, or would just love to sit back and read a book – whatever it is, showing him you care by spoiling him with his own form of pampering is bound to be the best of Father’s Day gifts!