Travel Kit by Baxter of California

Take care of your skin, even on the go!

Travelling is hard on your body, especially your skin. But Baxter of California has packed everything you need to keep your skin healthy in this wonderful, compact travel kit.

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He can stay well-groomed and feeling good even as he travels with this Travel Kit by Baxter of California. In this skincare set, he’ll find everything he needs to feel fresh: daily face wash, oil-free moisturiser, super close shave formula, after shave balm, and protein shampoo. Each bottle has 60ml of product, so no matter where you’re flying, you can bring this kit along with you. So whether he’s travelling for business or pleasure, he’ll always be looking his best.

For the jet-setting man in your life, this Travel Kit by Baxter of California is a first-rate birthday, Christmas, or Father’s Day gift! Browse Men’s Gift Store for more travel-inspired items.

Our Tips For Travel Gifts For Him

For most men, saving on weight and bulk is crucial when travelling. If you have to get a gift for a man who travels for work, or is about to go on holiday, he'll get a lovely, and helpful surprise if you buy travel gifts for him.

Most everyday toiletries are made for weeks, or months of use. Taking full bottles of shampoo, conditioner and other accessories when he's only going away for a few days is impractical. How about checking out some of our travel gifts for him so he can travel light.


Must-Have Grooming Travel Gifts For Him

If he's going on a business trip or on holiday, he'll want to look good when he's out and about, especially in the evening. We have a Travel Kit by Baxter of California that has everything his skin needs to look healthy and glowing. He'll love travel gifts for him that keep toiletry products in one handy package, so he doesn't have to rummage through all his luggage for a single grooming item.

This Baxter Travel Kit contains everything the best travel kits for him need for premium skincare. It has a face wash, moisturiser, a close shaving formula and after-shave balm. It also has shampoo, so his whole head will look incredible! All thanks to your clever travel gifts for him.

He can't make his clothes miniature, but you can buy travel gifts for him where all his toiletries are small and light. If you think of the Travel Kit by Baxter of California, if he had to take all of those items in their usual full size, his luggage would be so much heavier. Any essential travel gifts for him that you can by in miniature will make his travels that much better.

If he's not very practical, or doesn't plan very well, then your travel gifts for him can include all kinds of essentials, such as sun cream and toothpaste. If he's on a last-minute trip, or you've discovered he's leaving unprepared, we can send your travel gifts for him on the same day if he's in certain parts of Australia, or next day for a small fee.

Unless you know his style, it's very tricky buying the right clothes as travel gifts for him. Buying clothing or shoes at any time are a gift-buying risk for anybody. If you're explicitly told what to buy, great, but if not, then your hard-earned money could be wasted. You could buy him beach shoes or a summer cap, but it's still risky buying these types of travel gifts for him unless you know his exact size, and what he enjoys wearing

It's best to stick to what you know he'll use and need. That's why toiletries in small sizes are such brilliant travel gifts for him. If you spend $99 or more you'll get free shipping, and also we'll include a free gift card. Or upgrade to our premium gift-wrapping service. When he's travelling in style, you can send travel gifts for him in style too!