MÜHLE Mach3 Black Resin Shave Kit

3-Piece Kit with Black Resin and Chrome Accents

This 3-piece shaving kit is cosmopolitan, sleek, and well-made, making it a must-have bathroom accessory! The shave brush and razor have high-quality, black resin handles with chrome accents.

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There’s more to life than eating, sleeping, and working. In between these things, we should set aside moments for ourselves to relax and enjoy. Sleek and sexy, the Black Resin Mach3 Shave Kit by MÜHLE is all a man needs to turn his everyday shave into a pampering opportunity. This set contains a razor that’s compatible with Gillette® Mach3® razor heads. The kit also contains a chrome-plated, metal stand and a badger hair shave brush. The head of the shave brush is replaceable.

Know a man who deserves to be pampered? Then give the gift of a luxurious, clean shave with the Black Resin Mach3 Shave Kit by MÜHLE. We ship orders over $99 at no extra cost throughout Australia, meaning you can send your qualifying Father’s Day, birthday, and Christmas gifts for free!

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Men's love of personal grooming is as old as written history. We usually hear only about women's hair and clothes over the centuries, but not much emphasis is given to fashions in men's grooming. However men have always been into looking good. Unearthed ancient graves containing males have contained shaving blades made from flint or early metals, so the man could shave in the afterlife! Now that's a commitment to grooming!

The wealthy ancient Egyptians had even invented a hair removal cream, and shaved all over, including their heads – being hairless was a sign of status. In Ancient Greece, men used heated tongs to curl their beards, and in some parts of Ancient Greece shaving all the body hair off men was fashionable. They had barber shops back then you know!

If you look at ancient statues, you'll see in many depicting males that they have shaved faces and tidily cut hair. Men, particularly rich men in olden days, have always been very fussy about their looks. If only their loved ones could have given them shaving set gifts for men, their personal grooming routine would have been so much easier and convenient!

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Men of all ages have a grooming routine. Part of the ritual is probably shaving, since although some men have beards, most like a good shave. It's the one routine men have in common every morning, so how about looking at our shaving set gifts for men to make his morning brighter, because they're highly desirable gifts.

There's a saying that a tradesman is only as good as his tools. Men who've tried cheap, disposable razors will tell you how their shaves could be better. And they can, with our shaving set gifts for men. Like a tradesman with good tools, the men in your life can not only have a pleasant shave, but also one that makes them look fantastic when they use good quality shaving set gifts for men from our store.

The Muhle Mach3 Black Resin Shave Kit is one of these excellent quality shaving set gifts for men. It looks sleek, manly and stylish, and is made from top quality materials. The best shaving set gifts for men are made to last. The brush of the Muhle Mach3 Black Resin Shave Kit is made from badger hair, and is replaceable. The black resin handle is built to last for years.

Shaving set gifts for men need top-notch razors too, and this Muhle set uses a Gillette Mach3 razor for a comfortable, close shave. The head of the razor is replaceable too, because the elegant black resin handle is built for longevity. This set comes with free delivery Australia-wide, and we'll gift-wrap it for you too if you wish. If you'd like your shaving set gifts for men to arrive on a specific day for a special occasion, just let us know and for a small fee we'll aim for whichever day your choose.

Your gifts for men can improve his life, because he'll find these premium shaving set gifts for men are such a pleasure to use – from the luxurious feeling of the handles, to the superior shave they give. You'll be helping him look a cut above the rest with your very fine shaving set gifts for men purchased from The Men's Gift Store. We're here to make your present-buying experience satisfying and enjoyable!