MÜHLE Mach3 Bog Oak Shave Kit

3-Piece Set with Chrome and Bog Oak Accents

Invigorate your morning routine with this incredibly luxurious shaving kit. It contains a sturdy metal stand, a badger hair shave brush, and a beautiful 3-blade razor.

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Doesn’t he deserve the finer things in life every day? Why save only the best things for special occasions, live each day to the fullest with a touch of luxury. This Bog Oak Mach3 Shave Kit by MÜHLE is certainly among the finer things. Whether he shaves every day or just once a week, he will fall in love with this lavish shaving kit.

The set contains a badger hair shaving brush. The head of the brush can be easily removed and replaced whenever necessary. This 3-piece set also comes with a 3-blade, Gillette® Mach3®-compatible razor and a chrome-plated, metal stand for storing the brush and razor.

Classic and sophisticated, this Bog Oak Mach3 Shave Kit by MÜHLE is the perfect gift for a cosmopolitan man. So for men of the world, we recommend giving this set as a birthday, Christmas, or Father’s Day gift.

A Luxurious Shave To Start His Day

Are you wracking your brains about what to buy him, and getting no results? One thing just about all men have in common is the morning shave. In fact, these days men shave more parts of their body – the face is just for starters! It's never been more fashionable to be hair free. So how about looking at attractive, excellent quality shaving kits for men?

After the morning cuppa, the next thing he probably does is shave the overnight stubble. This everyday necessity deserves the best equipment. Cheap razors can cause all kinds of cuts and dodgy skin problems. The shaved hair can be uneven. With excellent quality shaving kits for men, you can make his life so much better. And you'll be surprised how good shaving kits for men can look!

Splash Out On His Shaving Gear

He'll really thank you when he gets to use a top-notch badger hair shaving brush and cutting-edge (excuse the pun!) razor. The Bog Oak Mach3 Shave Kit by MÜHLE is one of those shaving kits for men that gives a killer shave!

Once he's brushed the cobwebs from his eyes, he'll see this extremely handsome shaving set. Expensive shaving kits for men can be worth every penny. The luxurious look and feel of The Bog Oak Mach3 Shave Kit by MÜHLE is fantastic for starters. Then the shave itself is amazing.

The badger brush sliding on his favourite soap feels luxurious, and the shaver, whose base is made from sophisticated bog wood, with a Gillette Mach3 razor gives one of the best shaves around. Shaving kits for men that use top of the range materials make the morning shave a pleasure. He can feel like a million dollars using this beauty by MÜHLE!

Our shaving kits for men are all fantastic. This Bog Oak Mach3 kit comes with free delivery Australia-wide. You can make it even more handsome by upgrading to our premium wrapping service and choosing your own special card. Check out our face creams and shaving soaps too, which will be equally appreciated. We find the best gifts so you're proud to give them to your loved ones.

Good lotion to soothe the skin after a shave, and a quality soap are essential to make his shave the best it can be. Excellent quality shaving kits for men need good quality soap and cream to complete the shaving experience. These types of shaving kits for men can last for years too, if not a lifetime if cared for. The heads of both the razor and brush are replaceable, so the bog wood base, so sturdy and handsome, could be part of his morning routine for decades.

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