Random Harvest BBQ Indulgence

Flavours To Delight His Tastebuds & Guests

It's brilliant flavour at its best and it's available now thanks to this BBQ Indulgence Set from award winning gourmet brand Random Harvest. Featuring vibrant flavours and beautifully presented he'll love delighting tastebuds of friends and family.

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This beautifully presented gift pack from Australian award-winners Random Harvest offers a unique blend of flavour filled condiments to delight the tastebuds. The Random Harvest Premium Gourmet BBQ Indulgence Gift Pack comes in a lovely gift box and features 2 serving dishes along with a carefully selected range of full-flavoured treats.

Since 1981 Random Harvest have been producing award winning gourmet food in Australia and bringing joy to dining tables across the country. Inside this beautifully presented gift pack he’ll find 2 serving dishes and the following flavour-filled selection: Spicy Chilli Tomato Chutney 60g, Garlic Sundried Tomato Mustard 60gm, Lemon Garlic dill dressing 50ml, Roasted Capsicum Mustard 60g, Tomato basil chutney 60g, Garlic Basil Olive Oil 140ml and Fireball Chilli mustard 60gm.

For the ultimate gift for men who love food and cooking; you can’t go wrong with this amazing foodie gift pack for him from Men’s Gift Store and Random Harvest.