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Give him a gift he's sure to love, with the Men's Gift Store gift hampers featuring some of the world's favourite wines and spirits. Whether he loves red wine, white wine, Champagne or smooth spirits, we've got a wide range of men's alcoholic gift hampers that feature of savoury and sweet nibbles for the perfect accompaniment to a refreshing and relaxing drink.

If you're looking for the ultimate beer gift hamper for men then you've found the perfect range. Whether he enjoys a cold beer or a bubbling cider; Men's Gift Store's range of beer and cider hampers has been specially designed to impress even the most discerning beer lover. Featuring ales, ciders and lagers from Australia and around the world; you can't go wrong with a men's gift hamper with crisp golden brews and perfectly paired nibbles.

Need to Buy Beer Gift Hampers for Your Recipient? Discover an Extensive Collection of Australian Beer Hampers at the Men’s Gift Store!

Beer gifts are popular amongst male recipients, so it is no surprise that these are some of the most popular Australian gifts at the Men’s Gift Store. If you need some inspiration regarding beers gifts, be sure to read on, because we are about to match the best beer gift hampers with the right recipient.

What Should I Buy for a Man Who Prefers Craft Beer?

Many Australian men prefer craft beer over commercial beers. For these men, it is always best to choose a gift hamper that contains some of the finest Australian craft beers. At the Men’s Gift Store, customers can find several beer hampers with the best Australian craft beers.

One of the gift hampers with Australian craft beers is the MicroBreweries of Australia Hamper. Inside this hamper, you will find the most popular craft beers; this includes Burleigh Brewing My Wife’s Bitter, Lord Nelson Three Sheets Pale Ale, Murray Craft Brewing Co. Angry Man Pale Ale, Bridge Road Brewers Pale Ale, and Feral Brewing Hop Dog Pale Ale.

To ensure all our craft beer hampers provide a total gourmet experience, we also include gourmet treats from brands such as Gourmet Regional, Partridges Artisan Bakehouse, and loads more!

What Should I Buy for a Man Who Prefers International Beers?

When you are looking to buy some international beers for your recipient, you could go in two directions. Firstly, you could choose a hamper with some popular & commercial international beers, these are beers you could easily find in the supermarket. Secondly, you could choose a selection of beers that are a little rarer than the average commercial beer.

One of our Australian beer gift hampers containing rarer international beers is the Premium United Nations Beer Hamper. Inside this hamper, you can find beers such as La Trappe Blond and Chimay White Trappist, these are rare monk beers from the Netherlands and Belgium. So, this hamper could be a good choice for genuine beer connoisseurs.

What Should I Buy for a Man Who Prefers Cider?

Beers are popular amongst the male population, but so are ciders. If you need a nice selection of ciders for your recipient, you can still choose a nice hamper, because the Men’s Gift Store also has cider hampers in its catalogue.

One of the cider hampers you could consider for your recipient is the ANZAC Ciders Hamper. Inside this hamper, you can find outstanding ciders obtained from New Zealand and Australia; this includes Matilda Bay Dirty Granny Cider, Monteith’s Crushed Apple Cider, Somersby Double Press Cider, Saxton Pear Cider, and Barossa Cider Co. Squashed Apple Cider.

Like our premium beer hampers, the ANZAC Ciders Hamper contains a lot of gourmet treats. The treats in our cider hampers are specifically selected to match the exquisite ciders inside the ANZAC Ciders Hamper. So, if you buy a cider hamper for your recipient, you are giving them a full gourmet experience!

Can I Get Some Additional Gift Recommendations for a Beer Lover at the Men’s Gift Store?

Are you struggling to find the best beer gift for your recipient, maybe because the personal preferences of your recipient are somewhat unclear? If you are having problems selecting the right beer gift, you can always count on the advice of the Men’s Gift Store!

To contact the Men’s Gift Store regarding beer gifts, simply give us a call or use the instant messaging function during business hours. You can also contact us outside business hours! Simply contact us by sending us an email!