Bamboo Brush and Dustpan Set

Fashionable Ergonomic Brush And Dustpan Set

Cleaning is a chore. But with this gorgeous brush and dustpan set, you can finish your chores or clean small messes with the utmost style. Made with super fine bristles and an ergonomic handle.

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The Bamboo Brush and Dustpan Set makes a wonderful housewarming gift. It adds style and elegance to any home and any chore. Sweeping up a small mess or dusting has never been easier nor more fashionable. The ergonomic bamboo handle and super fine bristles make the brush as functional as it is beautiful.

This lovely bamboo set is just one of our many stylish home gifts for men. It’s perfect for giving the messy men in your life a good reason to clean! Browse Mens Gift Store to find more wonderful items. We have everything you need to make your gift truly special, including our great gift-wrapping service and large card selection.