Bartending Glasses

Learn 16 cocktails. No Books, No Measuring Cups!

The simplest way to learn how to make 16 classic cocktails, with rum, whisky, gin, or vodka. No fiddling around with recipe books or measuring cups!

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All great entertainers should know their way around a few delicious cocktails, but it’s funny how few of us do. Perhaps it’s because when we’re entertaining, the last thing we want to do is take the time to look up a recipe online or in a book, and add to the mess in the kitchen by pulling out the measuring cups. Luckily, these four stylish tumblers offer a simple solution!

Each 273ml glass is themed with a different base spirit – vodka, gin, whisky or rum. And on all four sides of the glass is a different cocktail recipe, complete with ideal pour levels for each ingredient. So, just like that, you can whip up 16 different cocktails in an instant! Dimensions: 310x90x95mm. Not machine-washable.

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