Beer Chillsner Set

Cool Beer For Every Occasion Guaranteed

Keep His Beer Cold Wherever He Goes

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If he’s a beer lover then we’ve found the ultimate beer gift for him with the Chillsner. The world’s only drink through beer chiller that keeps beer cold on the go, and this set will make sure he never has to face warm beer again!

Made from stainless steel for fast chilling and easy cleaning; the cleverly designed Chillsner is simply popped into the freezer for at least 45 minutes, and when ready, inserted straight into any standard beer bottle to keep his beer chilled from the inside out.

Thanks to a clever airtight seal design the Chillsner fits snuggly into the bottle neck for a perfect fit; and the four flow vents allow him to drink straight through the chillsner top for fresh, crisp, cold beer without fail.

The Chillsner ensures he’ll never have to worry about warm beer; the ultimate gift for beer lovers from Men’s Gift Store.