Bottle opener & Magnetic Top catcher

Combining superb looks and functionality

This bottle opener uses strong magnets to mount tightly onto metal surfaces, such as fridge doors, and also to catch falling bottle caps and store them neatly on its surface!

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This unique and attractive bottle opener has a modern, matt grey design, providing both good looks and superb functionality. Simply mount the plate magnetically to any flat metal surface, such as a fridge door, and then easily crack open beer and cider bottles using the cap-prying mechanism at the top. As the loose cap falls, it is snatched out of the air by the magnetic plate below.

This bottle opener is so nifty, it can be used with one hand. And, with the magnetic cap storage mechanism, there is no need for guests to go searching for a bin in every cupboard of the kitchen, or for hosts to clean up dozens of loose bottle caps the next day.

Dimensions: 120x40x240 mm.

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