Bull Head Wine Pourer

Use to easily pour liquor, wine, oil, or vinegar

Whether it’s the kitchen calling or the liquor cabinet, this masculine Bull Head Bottle Spout quickly adds panache to any wine, liquor, vinegar, or oil bottle. Whatever you pour, pour it with style.

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No man’s liquor cabinet is complete without some premium bottle pourers. And what says premium like the head of a bull? With a steady pour, this spout is as useful as it is interesting, making it the perfect gift for bartenders, chefs, and wine drinkers.

The plastic spout easily attaches to liquor and wine bottles. You can also use this bull head spout to pour oil, vinegar, and other liquid ingredients. This cool and quirky item will make your gift recipient grin from ear to ear. Not only is it fun, but useful when accurately measuring liquids. The spout measures 3.5cm x 5.3cm x 8.5cm.

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