Corkcicle Air For Wine

Cool, Aerate & Pour Wine With Ease

A Unique Cooling, Aerating, Pouring Accessory

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If he loves wine, then he’ll love the Corkcicle Air; the ultimate wine gift for men. This is an amazing example of style, unique design and functionality that allows wine lovers everywhere to enjoy their favourite drop at just the right temperature; with ease.

Simply place the Corkcicle Air into the freezer and the non-toxic compound inside freezes to become just like a large icecube that fits down into the wine bottle. It’s the perfect way to keep chilled white wine cool, or to bring red wine up to cellaring temperature, which is actually cooler than room temperature.

There’s no fussing about having to remove the Corkcicle to pour the wine; this is the true beauty of the design. The cork lid fits into the wine bottle for the perfect seal, and the very top of the lid is removed to reveal a pourer/aerator to serve each glass of wine perfectly every time.

Whether he loves whites or reds, he’s sure to love the Corkcicle Air from Men’s Gift Store.

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Barware gifts are becoming extremely popular across the world. With this rise in popularity has come a huge range of innovative and interesting barware. It is therefore necessary to explore the best barware before deciding on a men’s bar gift. The top five barware gifts (in our opinion!) are:

1. A whiskey, bourbon, or wine decanter:

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A personalised decanter makes a great barware gift. Go for something which features intricate designs, beautiful shapes, or a scene which you know the recipient will love. Many decanters also come with matching glasses - something which only improves their quality as men’s bar gifts.

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A good set of cocktail tools is one of the best barware gifts, especially if the recipient doesn’t already have a set. Plus, if you buy these then there is probably a fair chance that you will get a drink mixed for you!

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Corkcicles are innovative new barware gifts which are designed to improve the wine drinking experience. They are one of the best men’s bar gifts, especially if the person you are giving them to enjoys good wine.

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