Tara Dennis Frost Stemless Glasses

Gorgeous, Elegant, Perfect For Fine Wines

Inspired by the beauties of the Australia coastlines, these wine glasses are frosted and stemless. The designs are reminiscent of ocean sprays and sea breezes. Must-haves for after-work drinks and romantic wine nights.

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This set of 4 frosted stemless wine glasses are both functional and dreamy, these glasses make a unique gift that any wine drinker or entertainer would love to add to their collection. A great for a housewarming party! With a capacity of 440ml, and mearing 8cm x 10cm, each glass could be the new star at his dinner table—no doubt.

From the Sea Drift collection by Tara Dennis, this drinkware conjures mental images of coastal waters and lightly ruffling ocean breezes. Plus, they feel elegant, upscale, and refined in-hand. Additionally, you can match these with some of our designer kitchenware to create the perfect, well-rounded gift for a special someone.