Gone With The Gin: Cocktails With A Hollywood Twist Recipe Hardcover Book

Hardcover By Author Tom Federle

This isn't your usual cocktail book. This is the ultimate film and TV lover's delicious cocktail book! With over 50 recipes, Gone With The Gin mixes classic cocktail recipes with film titles. This is a must-have gift for men who love films and parties – w

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Frankly my dear, author Tom Federle does give a damn! This is the ULTIMATE cocktail recipe book with 50 recipes creatively named after classic film titles. How about trying Indiana Jones & the Shirley Temple of Doom? Or perhaps party guests might like The Silence Of The Lamb Burgers and Monty Python & the Stoli Grail? The fun titles and delectable cocktails are a sure-fire hit with guests!

Do you know men who consider themselves to be film and TV buffs? Let them test their knowledge with author Tom Federle's commentary and facts about each classic film. Gone With The Gin is a spectacular addition to every man's recipe shelf. The cocktails are easy to make and divine to drink!

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