The Mixer's Manual

150 Delicious Cocktail Recipes

Take your bartending game to the next level with this amusing and informative cocktail compendium. With 150 of the most delectable mixed drinks, you’ll always have a tasty beverage at the ready.

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Two-ingredient cocktails are fantastic last-minute options, but you can only drink so many vodka tonics before you want something a little more interesting. The Mixer’s Manual: The Cocktail Bible for Serious Drinkers is filled with 150 easy-to-follow drink recipes. Author Dan Jones also explores designer ice, signature cocktails, and the items you need to distill your very own moonshine. This manual has everything you need to become a pro behind the bar!

So forget your vodka tonic blues and be sure to introduce your cocktail-loving friends and family to this fantastically intoxicating book, perhaps as a Christmas or birthday present.