Whiskey Lvrs Glass & Sphere Set

The Perfect Set For Chilled Whiskey Lovers

The ultimate way to enjoy Whiskey without the problem of watery ice. The perfectly designed Sphere keeps cold when placed in the freezer and fits perfectly inside the matching glass to keep his drinks cool and enjoyable.

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The perfect way to keep his whiskey chilled without being watered down, the Sparq Whiskey Lovers Glass and Sphere Set will be his favourite bar gift of all time. Simply place the Whiskey Sphere in the freezer for a few hours and when needed, add it to the perfectly designed Whiskey glass for a lovely chilled drink experience.

Not only is the soapstone sphere perfectly crafted for chilling drinks over and over again, the accompanying glass is also cleverly designed to allow the sphere to roll and aerate the whiskey to create the ultimate flavour and aroma. A wonderful bar gift for those who appreciate their Whiskey the way it was intended from Men’s Gift Store.

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When you've chosen what you'd like from your selection of bar gifts ideas, then we can send them gift-wrapped to your loved one on your behalf. And if you spend over $99, you'll get free postage for your whiskey gifts.

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If you're not sure what specific brands to get him as whiskey gifts, then we have a selection of glasses that are handsome bar gifts ideas – they'll add to the excellence of his home bar. The best bar gifts ideas will make his parties fantastic and keep his guests happy – and make him look good!

The Sparq Whiskey Lovers Glass & Sphere Set is one of the coolest whiskey gifts you can buy, in three ways. The attractive sphere included in the set, when left in the freezer for a few hours, acts like an ice cube, but without watering down the delicious whiskey. So it's a cool idea, its design is cool, and it makes the whiskey cool. Who'd not like at least one of these? You might like to take a note of this for future bar gifts ideas!


The glass in the Sparq Sphere Set is beautifully shaped for a hand to hold, and looks so elegant. Whatever style he likes, these kinds of bar gifts ideas that add a touch of style to his barware always receive compliments from guests. Even if it's just for him, he'll love an evening watching the sunset with your whiskey gifts like the Sparq Glass and Sphere, swirling the sphere around the whiskey as he relaxes. We like to give you the best bar gifts ideas, so take a look at our For The Home and Barware sections of our site for more bar gifts ideas and delicious whiskey gifts.