Whiskey Ice Wedge Set

Perfectly Chilled Whiskey Every Time

He'll Never Drink Watery Whiskey Again

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He doesn’t deserve to drink watery whiskey and this sophisticated gift set will ensure it’s a thing of the past. He can enjoy his favourite drop ‘on the rocks’ without it ending in a watered-down mess. The Whiskey Ice Wedge Set from Corkcicle features a unique design with both a heavy bottomed weighted whiskey glass and a specially designed silicone ice cube tray for the perfect whiskey drinking experience.

Unlike small ice cube trays, the large ice wedge won’t melt quickly; instead it forms a glacier effect to keep whiskey chilled without excessive ice melt. A truly unique gift for men who enjoy savouring fine whiskey or other spirits, it’s an ideal addition to his bar collection. What guest wouldn’t be impressed with this fun and clever way to chill spirits in style from Men’s Gift Store.