Winesave PRO, Natural Wine Preserver

Compatible with Any Type of Wine and Any Bottle!

An ingenious product that covers opened wine with a layer of safe and natural argon gas, thus preventing oxidation & preserving the wine! Works on all types of wine (including bubbly) & wine bottles!

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We’ve all been there: you feel like a quiet glass of wine, but you don’t want to open a fresh bottle if it means you’ll have to finish it in the next couple of nights! And there’s nothing worse than pouring the rest down the drain because you missed that narrow window of opportunity... Well, with the Winesave PRO, those worries are no longer an issue!

This revolutionary device protects wine from oxidation for days, weeks, perhaps even months after it has been opened! It simply blows a layer of argon gas into the void space at the top of the bottle, and since argon is heavier than air, all of the oxygen is expelled!

Argon gas is unreactive, completely safe and natural, and won’t alter the taste or smell of the wine. It works on all types of wines and bottles, and can be used up to 150 times!