Bamboo Chopping Board Set

Durable, Beautiful Set Of Three Bamboo Boards

Anti-bacterial, sturdy, and stunning, this 3-piece set is a wonderful addition to any home. Each chopping board in the set is a different size, so you can tackle any kitchen project with ease.

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Kitchen gurus Davis & Waddell have provided yet another wonderful kitchen accessory: a 3-piece Bamboo Chopping Board Set with Storage Stand. Easy on knives and with anti-bacterial properties, the boards are made for everyday use. They’re strong, stunning, and useful addition to the kitchen.

The storage stand and chopping boards have simple white edges, giving them a clean, modern look. No matter the kitchen décor, this set will fit in quite nicely. The boards in this 3-piece set are different sizes. The Large Chopping Board measures 38 x 26cm. The Small Chopping Board measures 28 x 20cm. The Paddle Board with Handle measures 32 x 18cm. And finally, the Storage Stand measures 20 x 6.5 x 8.5cm.

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