Stephanie Alexander Copper Measuring Cups

Charming Copper and Brass Measuring Cups

Copper cookware is a must-have for any sophisticated, modern kitchen. These copper-plated measuring cups are perfectly useful and long-lasting, yet unbelievably captivating and chic.

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Copper pots, pans, and cooking utensils have been used for hundreds of years, perhaps even thousands. The Stephanie Alexander Copper-Plated Measuring Cups continues this long-standing tradition and add their own twist to such a long history. They're stylish and unique, yet incredibly sturdy and functional.

This four-piece set comes with _ cup, _ cup, _ cup, and 1 cup measurements. Each measuring cup also features a small lip and brass handles.


A modern man with a modern kitchen and a knack for cooking will love these Stephanie Alexander Copper-Plated Measuring Cups. Order by 1PM (AEST) to qualify for same day and next day shipping options to select Australian cities.