Decanter Cleaning Beads

From Vin Bouquet

The fuss-free, easy way to clean wine decanters with ease. Simply add these stainless steel cleaning balls and water to any decanter and swirl. Yes, it's that simple, and they can be stored for use over and over again.

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When it comes to wine gifts for men, those that make life easier are sure to be his favourite gifts. Introducing the Decanter Cleaning Beads, a clever and eco-friendly solution for cleaning even the most delicate or difficult to clean decanter shapes.

Scratch-free cleaning is a breeze, simply add water to the decanter or other delicate glass, add the Stainless Steel beads and swirl for around two minutes. These clever beads work gently to clean the surface of the decanter to leave a sparkling finish, and the best thing is that they can be dried and stored for use over and over.