Joseph Joseph Rocker Garlic Crusher

No More Garlic Mess

Mince garlic quickly and easily with this incredibly simple kitchen accessory. The stainless steel is rustproof and, when rubbed on the skin, removes strong odours like garlic, onion, or fish.

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For garlic lovers, there almost no better smell than freshly minced garlic. The pungent, yet appetising scent is enough to make your mouth water. And every garlic enthusiast knows that store bought minced garlic is no substitute for fresh. The Rocker Garlic Mincer takes advantage of clever, minimalistic design to save you time in the kitchen. The 195mm x 45mm x 30mm kitchen gadget rocks back and forth, mincing or crushing whole garlic cloves in no time.

The Rocker Garlic Mincer is made of stainless steel. So when you're done chopping, rub the mincer between your hands under running water to magically remove odour.

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Most kitchen gifts are only considered as gift ideas for women, but men like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen too these days. Therefore, you should certainly consider some kitchen gift ideas for men for a special occasion, especially when you can choose something from the extensive range of unique gifts for men at the Men’s Gift Store.

What Is the First Useful Kitchen Gift I Could Get for a Male Recipient?

One of our first gift ideas for male recipients is undoubtedly the Rocker Garlic Crusher. Not only is this one of our most unique gifts for men, it is surprisingly functional for the avid garlic lover.

The Rocker Garlic Crusher from our unique gifts for men catalogue is made from the finest stainless steel; this ensures the crusher is rustproof, but also that it remains free of certain odours from fish and garlic.

A Rocker Garlic Crusher from the unique gifts for men collection measures 195 mm x 45 mm x 30 mm and is easy to operate. Simply rock the crusher back and forth to mince those garlic gloves in minimal time.

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The Smoke House Oven Glove & Tea Towel Set also includes an oven mitt made from 100% genuine cotton. It measures a spacious 38 cm x 18 cm, providing plenty of space for both barbecue and oven handling. In short, a masculine set of kitchen and barbecue items that will prove useful for any hobby chef.

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Where Can I Find Additional Kitchen Gifts That Could Prove Useful for My Recipient?

The Men’s Gift Store provides its customers with a full range of kitchen gifts for male recipients, so in addition to the items we recommended today, you will find many other kitchen products that will be appreciated by your recipient.

Of course, your choices are not limited to kitchen products at the Men’s Gift Store, because our collection contains a lot more categories where you could find the perfect gift for your recipient. Check out our catalogue today to find out more!