Mr. Strong Mug

Generous Ceramic Mug Featuring Mr. Strong

No matter how strong the coffee or tea, this sturdy mug won’t crack under the pressure! Why? Because this ceramic mug is just as strong as Mr. Strong himself.

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Mr. Strong is so strong, he often underestimates his own strength. This, of course, leads to a variety of broken items: doors, eggs, and even trees! Like Mr. Strong, the Mr. Strong Mug is big and sturdy. This ceramic mug is not only durable, it has a generous capacity of 350ml. That’s a lot of coffee or tea!

Mr. Men fans and big, strong guys will love receiving the Mr. Strong Mug as a Father’s Day gift, birthday present, or Christmas surprise. Just be sure to browse our other Mr. Men gifts and take advantage of our great gift-wrapping service. It’s the perfect way to save time without sacrificing quality.

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A Mr. Strong Mug:

Who could go past mr men gifts when trying to buy kitchen gifts for guys! Mr strong represents the embodiment of everything that a gym junkie tough guy strives to be. He is all muscle, trains hard, and doesn’t realize how strong he actually is! If you are looking for mr men gifts for your significant other, then don’t go past a mr strong mug. Not only will it give him a funny and interesting coffee mug to use every morning, but it may even help him improve his self-confidence and motivation - by encouraging him to think of himself as mr strong!

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Mr men gifts are always well received, especially if you match the character with the man you are buying for’s personality. Some of the best kitchen gifts for guys can be found in a mr men variation. If the guy you are buying for is into his gym work and thinks of himself as pretty tough, then go for a mr strong themed kitchen gift!

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