Coffee Maker By PANTONE

6 cup PANTONE UNIVERSE coffee maker

This bright Ketchup Red coffee maker by Pantone is more than just beautiful, it can make up to six cups of delicious coffee. It's designed to be displayed proudly on the kitchen bench-top or stovetop for guests to admire!

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The traditional coffee maker has been reinvigorated by Pantone, coloured with their classic Ketchup red. This old-school stove-top favourite has been restyled for the 21st Century. Its classic stainless steel coating has been given a modern twist with the addition of Pantone's vibrant red.

Suitable for electric or gas stove tops (though not suitable for induction cooktops), the Pantone coffee maker is built to hold 6 cups of coffee. This eye-catching beauty is 18cm x 10.5cm x 21cm.

Buy a unique, desirable gift for men you know who appreciate coffee, style and tradition all rolled into one. This great men's gift will definitely please anyone who enjoys entertaining friends with a dash of panache!