Roasting and Basting 10 Piece Kit

Perfect for the well-timed, succulent roast to share wit

This is essential equipment for the male chef who wants to impress with his roast meats. This roasting and basting kit will help him serve juicy meals with perfect timing.

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If you know male chefs who'd love to serve a good, hearty old-fashioned roast, but he's not sure how mamma used to do it, then give him this Roasting and Basting Set with 10 essential gadgets. They'll help him serve the juiciest roast that will marvel his guests – he may even impress the in-laws. The set includes a baster with a basting brush, which is essential for keeping meat succulent. A flavour injector to jazz up his food with interesting, and even exotic aromas. The meat thermometer will ensure the meat is cooked to perfection and everyone stays healthy!

A man needs the right tools for the job, and the Roasting and Basting 10 Piece Kit gives him all he needs for perfect roasting success. Roasting & Basting Set is all you need. Here at Men's Gift Store we will gift-wrap your presents if you wish. We offer free Australia-wide shipping when you spend $99 AU or more, and give you live tracking details for every present. We do everything to ensure your shopping experience with us is as pleasurable and easy as possible.