Seafood Tool Set

Crack into crab legs and lobster tail with ease!

Frustrated by hard-to-reach pieces of succulent crab meat? Can’t quite get to the last bit of lobster? Never struggle again with this extremely useful and chic Seafood Tool Set.

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You can see that last bit of crab meat left in the claw, but there’s no way to get to it. Or is there? The utensils in this Seafood Tool Set will save you from giving up on perfectly delicious crab or lobster meat! This set includes two lobster/crab crackers and eight seafood forks.

For seafood-lovers and Christmas feasts, this Seafood Tool Set is a must-have. Order this set for yourself and get crackin’! Or let us wrap the Seafood Tool Set and send it to a lucky, seafood-loving gift recipient. Remember, Men’s Gift Store has everything you need to make every barbecue and feast unforgettable.