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Protect your table with this fun crossword trivet!

For lovers of crossword puzzles or a good game of Scrabble, this trivet is a fun gift for the kitchen. It can withstand temperatures of up to 230ºC and measures 20.5 x 20.5 x 0.5cm.

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Protect your tables and counters from heat damage with the Subtext Kitchen Trivet. It’s perfect for chefs with a love of word games and puzzles. It also makes a great gift for avid readers and writers. Heatproof, the trivet is appropriate for use with temperatures up to 230ºC. It measures 20.5 x 20.5 x 0.5cm; it’s a great size for hot pots both big and small.

What are you waiting for? Entertain in style with the Subtext Kitchen Trivet. It’s great as a birthday, Father’s Day, or Christmas gift for the barbecuers and chefs in your life. Use our premium gift-wrapping service to add the perfect finishing touches to this heartfelt present.

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Subtext Kitchen Trivet

Buying men’s gifts for someone who spends lots of time in the kitchen? Be sure to check out some of the wonderful homeware gifts for men we have available this year! One cool gift from the homeware gifts for men catalogue is the Subtext Kitchen Trivet, which could keep your recipient entertained for hours! Learn more about this kitchen gift below, and discover more homeware gifts for men you could obtain!

What Is the Subtext Kitchen Trivet from the Homeware Gifts for Men Catalogue?

The Subtext Kitchen Trivet from our Christmas gifts for men catalogue is a novelty gift that trains your recipients brain. Instead of being bored at the kitchen table, the Subtext Kitchen Trivet from our Christmas gifts for men range gives him a continues crossword puzzle. This puzzle from our Christmas gifts for men catalogue can also be used near cooking environments, since this novelty gift from the men’s gifts collection can withstand high temperatures up to 230 degrees Celsius!

Which Recipient Will Like the Subtext Kitchen Trivet from the Homeware Gifts for Men Range?

Customers could consider the Subtext Kitchen Trivet from our Christmas gifts for men catalogue for many recipients. Firstly, this trivet from the Christmas gifts for men range is suitable for the crossword puzzle lover, since the entire item is based on the crossword. Of course, you could consider this item from our men’s gifs range for other recipients too, including the hobby chef and the intellectual.

What Other Men’s Gifts Could I Obtain for My Recipient’s Kitchen?

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Cutlery Sets

Everyone needs a good cutlery set, no matter what the personal preferences of the recipient may be. Even if your recipient is not an aspiring chef or even a good cook, cutlery always proves useful.

At the Men’s Gift Store, customers can find cutlery from quality brands; this includes French cutlery manufacturer Laguiole. When you choose one of our Laguiole sets, you can count on superior quality, since each piece of cutlery goes through various manual manufacturing processes.

Kitchen Knives

Customers who are buying for someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen should certainly consider a good set of kitchen knives. Kitchen knives are commonly used by home chefs, whether it is to carve meat or chop up their ingredients.

Chopping Board

The chopping board is another gift you could consider for the home or hobby chefs, and it is also considered an essential for the kitchen. Cutting on the kitchen surfaces is a bad idea, since it can damage the kitchen surface material. With one of the chopping boards at the Men’s Gift Store, this is no longer a problem.

Salt & Pepper Mills/Containers

Since salt and pepper are the most used spices in the kitchen, it could be an idea to give your recipient a salt and pepper mill. If your recipient already has one, you could also choose some containers to keep larger quantities of these kitchen essentials safe.


No matter how experienced your recipient is in the kitchen, there is always room for another cookbook. At the Men’s Gift Store, customers can find loads of cookbooks from celebrity chefs, but also novelty options that provide your recipient with some original recipes for the holiday season.

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If your recipient is fond of entertaining as well as cooking, you might want to consider some cake servers too. In our catalogue, customers can find quality cake servers from trusted brands; this includes the previously mentioned cutlery manufacturer Laguiole. So, with some cake servers from this brand, you recipient will be serving his delicious cake for a long time.

A Rolling Pin

For recipients who love to bake, a quality rolling pin might be the perfect Christmas gift. Of course, there is a difference between a plastic rolling pin and a quality one, the latter can be found at the Men’s Gift Store for a sharp price. We are sure it will make your recipient’s baked masterpieces even better.

Where Can I Discover More Gift Ideas for the Kitchen of My Recipient?

There are countless other gift ideas for your recipient’s kitchen, so if you want to fill his kitchen with more interesting items, we suggest heading over to the kitchen section on our website. In this section, customers can find other useful kitchen supplies, from coffee plungers to salad servers!

Do you need some help selecting a kitchen gift for your recipient? Contact the Men’s Gift Store for some individual advice. Our team can be reached via telephone, email, or the instant messaging option on the website.