Black Elk Bookends

These elegant bookends turn an ordinary row of books int

This beautiful pair of Black Elk antique style bookends are perfect for a man's bookcase, especially a man who likes to make a statement.

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The emergence of digital book gadgets hasn't ended our passion for the real thing. A hard ebook reader will never replace that comforting feel of paper, and the excitement of turning the page on a thrilling novel. Books look great in the home, and they look even more attractive when they've got these two beauties holding them up.

The Black Elk Bookends have a subtly stylish black polished finish. They'll look equally impressive in a man's office as a backdrop to his business dealings! The measure 20x30cm, so they're big enough to notice but not overpowering – this is bookend design at its best.

Any book loving man will be delighted to receive these aspirational Black Elk Bookends, and you might be pleased to know they'll be delivered Australia-wide for free! These handsome Black Elk Bookends will turn his library or bookshelf into a place of elegance and style. If you're sending them to a friend for any special occasion, we can gift-wrap the Black Elk Bookends for you, and add a card with a personalised message. We'll also give you tracking details so you can be sure he gets your admirable men's gift on time.

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