Star Wars Chewbacca Wall Art IXXI

Flat Colour Image with Connector and Card Design

Chewie is ready for his close-up! Made in Netherlands, this impressive piece of art is a gift like no other. It features an innovative card and connector system that gives Chewie a real modern edge.

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Chewbacca is arguably the best sidekick ever. He’s loyal, he’s lovable, and he’s ready for any kind of adventure. That’s why we absolutely love this IXXI Star Wars Chewbacca Wall Art; it features a flat colour portrait of everyone’s favourite Wookiee. The piece also features an inventive connector and card design that gives the finished product a contemporary twist.

This set includes: black connectors, 20 Synaps cards, instructions, a click stick, drawing pins, a hanging strip, and TESA powerstrips. The cards are tear-resistant, UV-resistant, and waterproof. The finished piece measures 80 x 100cm.

No man cave is complete without this IXXI Star Wars Chewbacca Wall Art! Give this awesome home accessory as a Christmas, Father’s Day, or birthday present to the Star Wars fan in your life. Same and next day delivery options are available if you order by 1PM (AEST).

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