A6 Cinematic Light Box with Letters

Say It On A Magnetic Lightbox

Your friend will have all sorts of great fun with this A6 Cinematic Light Box with Letters. Decorate the mancave or light up a room with a fun message. He won’t get bored because he can swap the letters with a new message for any occasion. A great gift id

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This super cool A6 Cinematic Lightbox is the perfect addition to the mancave. Let everyone know the beer fridge is open! And don’t just hang the team banner – he can show support and cheer on his favourite footy team by putting their name in lights using this Cinematic Lightbox. This is a great novelty homewares gift for guys. The soft yellow/white light will brighten up any room and leave a fun message at the same time.

The 10 x 15cm A6 Cinematic Lightbox comes with 90 characters, including letters, symbols and emojis so he can mix things up and display a new slogan whenever he feels like it. The letters just slide in, making it easy to change. The lightbox has a magnetic back so it will attach to the fridge or any other magnetic surface. Because the Cinematic Lightbox can be powered by either USB or batteries, he can use it anywhere he wants to decorate his mancave or the shed. The Men’s Gift Store has quirky gifts that guys will love.

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A6 Cinematic Light Box with Letters

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What Is the A6 Cinematic Light Box with Letters from the Gifts for Him Collection?

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