Suck UK Home Guard Doorstop

Hefty Stainless Steel and Resin

Protect the peace with this stainless steel and resin Home Guard. He’s trained. He’s ready. And he’s relentless. No door shall slam and no heart shall race when this loyal soldier is around.

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There’s nothing quite so jarring on a peaceful day than hearing a door slam unexpectedly. Be it the wind or a rowdy teenager, this Suck UK Home Guard Doorstep brings both peace and peace of mind home. The dedicated soldier measures 16.5 x 27.8 x 12cm. He’s made with durable stainless steel and resin.

For the dad or husband with a taste for military history, the Suck UK Home Guard Doorstop should be on the top of your Father’s Day or Christmas gift list. Each Men’s Gift Store order comes with a complimentary greeting card. Premium card upgrades are available during checkout; they’re a great way to personalise your special presents.

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