Immerse Virtual Reality Glasses

Fully Immersive VR Gaming Headset

Everyone’s raving about virtual reality. With this amazing tech gift, he’ll be enjoying adrenaline-pumping virtual reality in his own home. The Immerse Virtual Reality Glasses will make an unbelievably awesome gift for him.

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The Immerse Virtual Reality Headset is set to revolutionise the world of virtual reality! Forget having to fork out for an Oculus Rift, this incredible new technology from Immerse makes experiencing virtual reality affordable for everyone. If you are looking for gift ideas for a contemporary gamer, a tech-loving teen, or someone who loves playing with the latest gadgets, The Men’s Gift Store has the hottest tech gift for him this season. He won’t believe it when you give him this incredible Immerse Virtual Reality Headset.

There’s an endless array of free and inexpensive downloadable apps and movies available online. Everyone from your VR newbie to the hard-core gamer will find a virtual reality experience just perfect for him. From jet fighter combat simulations, to Zombie VR games, to exploring the ocean depths – he’ll never run out of awesome new virtual reality experiences to try.

The Immerse Virtual Reality Glasses are compatible with Android and Apple smartphones (maximum device size of 3.5 x 5.7 inches / 8.2 x 15.4 cm). Virtual reality content is downloaded direct to his smartphone, which connects to the Immerse Virtual Reality Glasses. Head-tracking 360 degree technology, and an ultra-wide field of view, ensures an intense, immersive experience. A foam eye cushion, earphone slot, and adjustable head strap makes the Immerse Virtual Reality Glasses comfortable to wear. The lenses are focus-adjustable for optimal vision without the need for prescription glasses. The Immerse Virtual Reality Headset is everything he’s looking for in a new gaming experience.

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