Insulting Parrot

Polly tells people to bleep off!

It's time to watch out when Polly's about! You need to be wary of who's in ear shot when she starts, because this bird is rude! Motion activated, Polly will keep the insults going as people walk past, she's shameless!

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Polly the Insulting Parrot missed the memo about being politically correct! You can, if you dare, give this to a man with a mischievous sense of humour. He can hang Polly in any room, or beside his front door to welcome visitors in an unusual way. Because she's motion activated, whenever someone walks by Polly lets rip with one of 9 sayings as she flaps her blue wings. It could be the Prime Minister, she doesn't care! He'd better beware of who's visiting, because Polly will give them an earful. This is a brilliant men's gift for the man who loves people in his own unique way!

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