Great White Shark Anatomy Model 4D

Realistic and anatomically correct model shark!

For men who love wildlife, biology or model-making, this 4D great white shark will be a winner. When you look at the shark on one side, you can see his inside anatomy, while the other side is covered with his skin. A great display figure.

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This is an ideal gift for men who love anatomy, or seeing the amazing inner workings of nature. It's perfect for fathers too, if they have children who'll love building this impressive 4D Great White Shark model with Dad. One half of the shark has realistic natural-looking skin – the other half is transparent, showing its anatomy in 4D.

It comes with easy-to-follow instructions and will make an impressive display piece he can show his friends! At Men's Gift Store we will gift-wrap your presents if you wish. We offer free Australia-wide shipping when you spend $99 AU or more, and give you live tracking details for every present. We do everything to ensure your shopping experience with us is as pleasurable and easy as possible.

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