Cork Cactus Desk Tidy

A Unique Way ToKeep Him Organised

This cork and terracotta desk tidy is the perfect place to keep office supplies and notes at hand. The top of the desk tidy is a cactus-shaped cork, which can be removed to reveal extra storage.

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Cacti are designed to retain water so they can survive harsh, dry environments, but this cactus is ridiculous! It doesn’t even need one drop of water to survive. The Suck UK Cork Cactus Desk Tidy features nifty two storage locations: the cork cactus for notes and the terracotta pot for small office supplies.

This desk tidy measures 13 x 7cm, a great size to keep desktop clutter at bay.

The Suck UK Cork Cactus Desk Tidy is ready to make someone’s day. We recommend this gift for busy college students, business professionals, or work-from-home dads. Before you go, explore our quick and convenient shipping options from your Men’s Gift Store cart.

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