Suck UK Home Guard Book End

Steadfast Resin and Metal Book End

Standing tall and proud, this Home Guard is trained to keep the peace all day, every day. Calm, but ready, the soldier keeps books from falling over or tilting and he looks good doing it!

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It’s time to keep books where they belong: on the shelf and not in the floor. The Suck UK Home Guard Book End stands at the ready to make sure books stay nice and neat. Books won’t fall, slant, or tumble!

This metal and resin book end measures 19.3 x 18.8 x 11.5cm.

Give the Suck UK Home Guard Book End as a birthday or Father’s Day present. Can’t wait for Father’s Day? This book end also makes a wonderful anytime gift for your dad, husband, or a friend. To wrap your gift and save time, use our Men’s Gift Store gift-wrapping service.

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