Sunnylife Donut Candle

Looks Like a Donut, Smells Like Cinnamon

Every man needs a space to call his own, like a shed or a man cave. And every man cave needs a candle. Of course, the candle should obviously be shaped like a donut and cinnamon-scented.

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A man cave isn’t a man cave without at least one awesome candle. After all, a good candle comes in handy when the musky man smell just gets to be a bit too much. This Sunnylife Donut Candle isn’t floral, feminine, or frilly. Instead, it’s shaped like a donut and smells like a cinnamon biscuit. Now that’s candle any man can get behind.

The Sunnylife Donut Candle is made with paraffin wax and measures 14 x 14 x 5cm.

Make your guy’s man cave smell amazing with this Sunnylife Donut Candle. And explore Men’s Gift Store to discover more homeware gifts for the men in your life. Men’s Gift Store has something for everyone.

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