Scrabble Fridge Magnets

100 magnetic Scrabble tiles for your refrigerator

Practice your Scrabble skills every day to gain an edge over your friends and family. Or use the 100 magnetic tiles to write shopping lists, messages to your family, reminders, or short poems.

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Anyone from a Scrabble family will tell you it is a cutthroat sport. It’s a game of words, but it’s also a game of strategy. With these Refrigerator Scrabble Magnets, you can brush up on your skills every day. Let the letters sink into your brain as you make coffee, prepare dinner, or search for a snack. Or carry out a high-stakes game of refrigerator Scrabble with your family or roommates!

You can also use these great magnets to build shopping lists, write messages, and give yourself little reminders. The set comes with 100 magnetic tiles, featuring Scrabble’s complete letter distribution. It also includes the ‘Triple Word’, ‘Triple Letter’, and ‘Double Word’ score tiles.

If you’re looking for novelty gifts for men that love to Scrabble, stop your search. These Scrabble Fridge Magnets are perfect for as a birthday, Christmas, or Father’s Day present.

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Looking for the Ultimate Christmas gifts for the Wordsmith in your Family?

Searching for the perfect Christmas gifts for your family while trying to get through the mayhem that is the silly season can be exhausting. One great way to get everyone something they will love, is to turn to the never-fail novelty gifts – they’re usually not only loads of fun, but are generally pretty easy to brainstorm. What about for that wordsmith in your family? Someone who fancies themselves to be a bit of a poet, an author, or simply loves impressing with big words? Good old Scrabble could be the ultimate gift for that guy in your household.

Turn this year’s Christmas Gifts into a Family Tournament

Christmas Day activities can get repetitive. Wake up, exchange your Christmas gifts, eat your delicious food, hang out with family and friends... ok that sounds incredible, but you could shake it up this year with a dedicated Scrabble tournament with that present you surprised your wordsmith guy with. After that delicious Christmas breakfast (and before you are all feeling too full to move after that huge Christmas lunch!), set up a good old family tournament. Get creative and have Christmas themed incentives like bon-bons as prizes, and don’t forget to have that dictionary on hand. If you’re going camping this Christmas, or any other time, put your Christmas gifts to good use by taking your Scrabble Fridge Magnets along. Forget about potentially losing traditional Scrabble pieces in the dark by sticking these convenient letters to side of the car or campervan and have game after game, of that healthy competition, to the flicker of the campfire.

Secretly use your Christmas Gifts to Show Them Up

Is the wordsmith in your house constantly correcting you? Did they win all your Christmas Day family scrabble tournaments? What better way to get your revenge than to beat them at their own game? Scrabble Christmas gifts like those Scrabble Fridge Magnets are perfect for your scheme – it’s one of those Christmas gifts that just keeps on giving. Once all your Christmas Day game playing is over, challenge yourself to learning all sorts of new words while going about your normal kitchen activities. Get inspiration going over your new tactics while eating and drinking, secretly preparing for your next tournament where you can put your training into action – just don’t forget to move all of those awesome letter combinations back to that “shopping list” you were creating earlier. Once you feel like you have perfected those skills, put them to the test and start an ongoing Scrabble game on the fridge – you just have to get everyone to promise to leave Google out of it!