Stackable Chip/Nut Bowls with Lid

Prep & Stack Snacks with Purpose its Party Time

These Stackable Chip/Nut Bowls make it easier to do quick party prep and even quiver clean-up. If you have leftover, simply snap on the lids to keep your snacks fresh for days.

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The ultimate way to keep his nibbles and treats organised and handy while watching the game. This fun snack set features American-designed retro stackable bowls so he can easily have his favourites on hand. Everything is kept fresh thanks to the lidded, stackable design, and there's enough room to keep all his favourites, from chips to nuts and everything in between. Measuring 13.5cm x 18.5cm and dishwasher-safe, there's nothing better to use for your snacks when you want to watch the latest movies or sport events.