Stephanie Alexander Acacia Chopping Board

Stylish Kitchen essential for Mr Gourmet!

His next amazing food creation will be carved and served on this stylish Acacia Wood Chopping Board. Impress with your next gift for him from Men’s Gift Store

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The Stephanie Alexander Acacia Chopping Board will take pride of place in his kitchen domain. Whether he is creating masterful roasts or chopping fragrant and continental herbs for the next Laksa, he will be launching all the gourmet bars to high! The chopping board is beautifully crafted from the end grain of Acacia Wood which allows for maximum durability and a masculine designer look in the kitchen

The Board features vintage inspired brass handles that are both ergonomically suited for the perfect lift and also for a stylish finish. Cooking should be an experience with both safety and mobility in mind. Measuring 25x35x5cm the Stephanie Alexander Acacia Chopping Board is a must have kitchen accessory for your favourite foodie man! At our Men’s Gift Store we offer free shipping with all orders over AUS$99.00