Ladybird for Grown-Ups Husband & Wife Game

Will He Risk This Hilarious Test of Partner Wit?

Will he truly want her to know how well he knows her - or not? Based on the iconic ladybird reader imagery this game dares couples to guess their partner's correct answers; too many wrong answers, it could be hilarious trouble ahead!

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Will he accept the hilarious challenge of seeing just how well he knows (or doesn’t know) his partner? This exciting game from the Ladybird for Grown Ups crew is sure to have couples everywhere in stitches and hopefully not from fighting!


Based on the imagery in the iconic children’s ladybird readers, the creators of this fun game for couples have come up with a range of witty, challenging questions and the goal of the game is to guess your partners answer correctly! Look out if there’s too many wrong attempts, how forgiving is his partner.

In the spirit of hilarious laughter, this game can be played by up to 4 adults making it an hilarious addition to dinner parties. The game comes with full instructions along with 100 question cards and 50 bonus cards, 4 Mrs Cards and 4 Mr Cards.