Dirty Words Game

Put That Dirty Mind to Good Use!

Never has it been so beneficial or fun to have a dirty mind. This challenging new word game requires wit and fast thinking, but it also requires some good old-fashioned immaturity!

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Dirty Words is a cheeky game that’s sure to have everyone laughing! The words used in this hilarious game are actually squeaky clean; the players are the ones who make them dirty. To play the game, one player rolls 23 six-sided dice across the table. The player then has three minutes to create as many intersecting, grammatical and logical sentences as possible. When the time is up, they’ll receive five points for each die they used and lose three for every unused die.

This adults only novelty game is sure to be hit among friends and family members with dirty minds! It can accommodate two or more players. Dirty Words comes with dice, a shaker, pencil, score pad, and sand timer.