Drunk Stoned or Stupid Game

More Players Equal More Fun!

Good friends are ones that can make fun of each other’s bad behaviours while still remaining best mates. So could there be a better test of friendship than this awesome party game?

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Good friends are allowed to make fun of each other. Drunk Stoned or Stupid takes it to the next level. This novelty game is all about shaming friends for stupid, silly, or shameful behaviour. But it’s all in good fun! It comes with 250 cards, each featuring a behaviour or action. The round judge reads a card and the rest of the players must make an argument for who they believe would be most likely to do what’s on the card. The judge then decides which unlucky player will receive the disgrace.

The first person to collect seven cards is considered the loser and rightly so!

Drunk Stoned or Stupid is for adults only. The more people that play, the more fun the game becomes!