Arse/Face Soap

A great help on those groggy mornings!

This is one of our best selling novelty gifts for a good reason – it brings a smile to people's faces and other places!

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This soap is one of our best ever sellers! Do you know a man who is somewhat groggy and confused in the morning? Eyes half open and brain in first gear? Be a friend, and help him out with colour-coded simplicity when he gets into the shower. Arse/Face soap ensures the lather for his backside doesn't end up on his face – he can wash with relaxed, blissful confidence!

Men's Gift Store wanted to avoid any morning mishaps, so they stuck brown and white soaps together, with labels, to avoid any bleary-eyed confusion. We're sure the men you know have standards, and they'll be ever so thankful that you recognise them!