Put a bit of funny into his library with Men's Gift Store's hilarious range of novelty books for men. Whether its novelty cook books, novelty men's colouring books, or men's books that look at life with a large dash of satire and humour, we've got the perfect books for him in stock now and ready to deliver.

Put a Smile on Your Recipient’s Face with the Funny Books at the Men’s Gift Store!

One of the most common funny gifts obtained at the Men’s Gift Store is a novelty book. Of course, since there are many novelty books to choose from, customers could always use some suggestions; this to match the perfect novelty book with their recipient.

To get some advice on novelty books from the Men’s Gift Store, or to match the perfect novelty books with your recipient, be sure to check out our unique gift ideas from the book section below!

Which Novelty Book Should I Gift to a New Dad?

There are always some books to delight new dads, and possibly poke a little fun at their expense. One of these books is “Man Vs. Child – One Dad’s Guide to the Weirdness of Parenting”.

While most books providing parenting advice are a little stuffy, this book is anything but stuffy! “Man Vs. Child – One Dad’s guide to the Weirdness of Parenting” provides good parenting tips, but does it with a little bit of wit and sarcasm. In short, a perfect book for dads with an aversion for formal books!

Which Novelty Book Should I Gift to an Intellectual?

The intellectual is a common Australian recipient, since many Australians have a thirst for knowledge! There are quite a few novelty books for intellectuals too, including our top suggestion for the traveller “Lonely Planet’s Instant Expert”.

With “Lonely Planet’s Expert”, recipients have a sea of knowledge at their fingertips. Inside this book, you can discover many secrets; for example, how to dive for pearls or how to be a book binder. In short, a great read for anyone with a thirst for knowledge!

What Novelty Books Should I Gift to a Bike or Car Fanatic?

Many men like a nice car or motorcycle, so a novelty book for these recipients is also a common choice. At the Men’s Gift Store, customers can find various suitable options; this includes “My Cool Motorcycle”.

With “My Cool Motorcycle”, your recipient will have a hardcover book filled with crisp photographs of amazing motorcycles. The book counts a whopping 160 pages, so there is plenty to discover, from the Harley Davidson to the scooter!

For car lovers, you could consider a car book such as “My Cool Convertible”. Inside this book, which has been written by Chris Haddon and Lyndon McNeil, car lovers can find countless photographs and important information about convertibles. So, this book is certainly an exquisite choice for anyone who prefers the convertible over any other car!

What Novelty Book Should I Gift to My Husband?

There are some funny books for husbands too. So, if you need a funny gift that will make your husband laugh, a novelty book for husbands should always be the first consideration.

One book you could consider for your husband is “How it Works: The Husbands Book”; this book contains a lot of wisdom, but also a lot of laughs. Written by authors Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris, this book takes a clever look at what it takes to be a husband.

What Novelty Book Should I Gift to Someone Turning Eighteen?

Becoming eighteen is a milestone, which means it is the perfect time for a funny and memorable gift. There are many books that take a fun look at becoming an adult, so there are certainly a lot of choices out there.

One of the options for someone turning eighteen is “100 Reasons to Panic About: Being a Grown Up”. The cleverly-written book contains 112 pages, written by Knock Knock and illustrated by Emma Correll.

“100 Reasons to Panic About: Being a Grown Up” contains much age-appropriate humour; this means the book is perfect for any man turning eighteen. Of course, the book also contains some truths every adult should know; this includes some of the responsibilities you can expect once you enter adulthood. So, even though it is a funny gift, it could also be an introduction into adult life.

Want to take it one little step further for someone turning eighteen? Then, you could also choose “100 Reasons to Panic About: Getting Old”. Like our previous suggested book, this book takes a funny look at what it is like to turn older. While it may be a little early for the eighteen-year-old. It certainly takes a funny look at birthdays and age.

Where Can I Find More Gift Suggestions for Book Lovers at the Men’s Gift Store?

There are countless gift ideas at the Men’s Gift Store, especially for book lovers thanks to our extensive collection of books and novelty books. So, whether you need something serious or something a little more unusual, the Men’s Gift Store has many additional ideas you could be taking advantage of. Simply head over to our catalogue to get some additional inspiration!