A Pug's Guide to Etiquette Book

It's a pug's life! And they do it their way.

This hilarious book is a helpful guide to pug etiquette. Now owners of these singular dogs can understand them better, and any holes in a pug's education can be filled!

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An essential book for those aspirational pugs aiming for a more sophisticated, cultured life. These strong-minded dogs like to play the game of life on their terms. Experts in canine behaviour have theorised that pugs stubbornly refuse any form of human training. This has prove to be false – pug's just have an innate sense of doing things the proper way – which is of course their way! A Pug's Guide to Etiquette will explain to humans these intricate rules so the human-pug relationship can transform into one of greater understanding. Pugs rule, and humans are permitted to accompany them through life. We should be honoured! This enlightening and humorous book is a hardback written by Gemma Correll.