101 Dilemmas For The Armchair Philosopher

Does He Question Just About Everything?

If he's always trying to solve the problems of the world, or tends to have big life views, then 101 Dilemmas For The Armchair Philosopher will have him questioning his stance on some of the world's biggest problems. Lots of fun.

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He won’t be able to put this great book down. The wonderful writing style of Eric Chaline ensures this easy to read book will be a favourite for armchair philosophers everywhere. This fab book features 101 moral dilemmas in the form real-life scenarios, uncomfortable situations, humorous puzzles, and modern-day moral debates. Some of history's greatest philosophers are even on-hand to offer some pearls of wisdom for your modern-day armchair philosopher. Get him a gift he’ll love with a book to get him thinking.

This gorgeous 224 page hardcover book gift is just the thing for a book lover who enjoys a light read that’s fun to share with friends. Every one of the thought-provoking 101 Dilemmas For The Armchair Philosopher will have him re-examining his beliefs about right and wrong, and questioning the choices he makes every day. He’ll love challenging his mates with these intriguing modern-day thought experiments to see what they’d do in the same situation. Order this book gift from The Men’s Gift Store for an easy online shopping experience. Ask for gift-wrapping and a gift card, and your gift shopping will be complete.