How It Works, The Brother Book

A Ladybird ‘How It Works’ parody book for adults!

For the brothers that grew up reading Ladybird novels, this modern-day parody was made with them in mind! Witty & thoughtful observations by Joel Morris & Jason Hazeley with original Ladybird artwork.

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Do you know a guy who grew up reading Ladybird books? And does he have siblings? Well then this title was written with him in mind!

How It Works: The Brother is a parody of Ladybird’s famous ‘How It Works’ books, which sought to explain the world around us. Here, Joel Morris and Jason Hazeley explore the mysterious workings of the brother, with witty and thoughtful observational humour!

The 56 page hardback (18 x 120 x 7 mm) features original Ladybird drawings, which will ensure that the nostalgia comes-in thick to past-readers. All of our gifts are accompanied by a free gift card, and premium wrapping services are available at the checkout.