Make Your Cat An Internet Celebrity Book

Paperback Book Published in July 2014

If your cat refuses to pay rent, as many of them do, it’s time you take matters into your own hands and make your nutty cat an internet celebrity! If you’re not sure how, this book shows the way.

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Your cat may be a cute, cuddly companion, but your cat is also one serious cash cow! In a world of uncertainty and fear, there’s one universal, unwavering truth: there can never be too many cat videos on the internet. Their big eyes and goofy antics provide a refuge from the world’s worries. Isn’t it time you start milking your own cash cow for all it’s worth?!

How to Make Your Cat An Internet Celebrity guides you toward riches beyond your wildest dreams! Your cat should at least cover your cat litter costs. For friends and family members with kooky cats, this is the perfect money-making gift, sure to elicit a smile and a few good ideas. Ideal for a Kris Kringle or Christmas gift.